Zika virus prevention

Pregnant Woman Spraying Mosquito Repellant To Protect Against Zika Virus
Pregnant Woman Spraying Mosquito Repellant To Protect Against Zika Virus

Funding for Zika Virus is making slow progress in Congress, which is affected by politics.  Our scientific community needs encourage our politicians to take action without partisan politics. Many other countries are taking measures to reduce the spread of Zika virus, while we are debating over funds for such an important cause. With recent floods in many states, the environment is ripe for the spread of the virus unless the government takes urgent measures for control mosquitos.

Many countries have intensified vector control operations to control the Aedes mosquito population. Vector control measures include:

  • Inspecting all premises, ground and congregation areas
  • Conducting mandatory treatment such as ultra-low volume misting of premises and thermal fogging of outdoor areas to kill adult mosquitoes
  • Increasing frequency of drain flushing and oiling to prevent breeding
  • Public education outreach and distribution of insect repellents.”
    According to CDC, also, to bite by an infected Aedes species mosquito, Zika virus can spread from:
  • Sex with a person who is infected by Zika virus.
    The sexual transmission can take place during oral, vaginal, anal sex as well as the sharing of sex toys.
  • From an infected pregnant woman to her fetus.
  • Through blood transfusion.
    According to CDC the most common symptoms are:
  • Fever
  • rash
  • joint pains
  • red eyes
  • muscle pain
  • headache

For more information on personal protection go to http://allergistlafayette.com/site/blog/zika-virus.html

All physicians and anyone involved in taking care of patients need to participate in public awareness. Zika virus infection has been a topic of discussion in many international airports to increase public awareness and educate travelers of the risk of Zika virus exposure when they travel to a foreign country.



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